Here is were you can see the different pics I have taken.

When I started out I used a Fujifilm XP70 waterproof camera but as I progressed I decided to step my game up and use a better camera.

But I am not ready for a DSR so I decided to go with a mirrorless which is a step above a point and shoot but now quite a DSR.

I decided to get a Canon M10 Mirrorless Camera in 2017.

I saw a lot of complains of dsrs being heavy, bulky, and not having great battery life. But the quality of the pictures are great when taken by a person who knows what they are doing.

But I will keep using my  Canon M10 for now since buying a better camera doesn’t make you a better photographer. The camera is a machine and if the user doesn’t use it correctly than it’s no better than a point and shoot.

Here is the long list of pictures I have taken or had someone else take because I am in the picture my self.
In the order that they were taken.


Onmi Expo

Fanboy Expo Lakeland


MegaCon Tampa

Holiday Matsuri



Tampa Bay Comic Con

Holiday Matsuri


Onmi Fandom Expo


Florida SuperCon

Dragon Con

Holiday Matsuri 2018

Everything is also on Flickr