Onmi Fandom Expo 2018

Aright once again I went to Onmi Fandom Expo for the 3rd year.

I got a picture and autograph from Derek Stephen Prince and Joshua Seth.

And just an autograph from Paul St Peter since I already got a picture from him back at Onmi Expo 2016.

They autographed my Digimon poster.

Derek Stephen Prince is the voice of the Digimon Emperor on the 2nd season of Digimon.

Me and Derek Stephen Prince

Joshua Seth is the voice of Tai on DIgimon.

Me and Joshua Seth

Paul St. Peter is the voice of Leomon and many other Digimon.

I also took pics of two cosplayers.

One as Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts. ( who is voiced by Paul St. Peter )


And the other as Omni-Chan the mascot for the con.


Also I recorded some of the panels.