Insty Tune & Lube Gathering

On 2/9/2019 I went to the Insty Tune & Lube in Tampa FL for the Insty Tune & Lube Gathering.

It was little car meet.

I learn about it from

I just click on 2/9/19 on their calendar and it told me what car shows/meets were going on around the state.

Insty Tune & Lube Gathering

I took pictures and recorded video of the event.

I took the pics with my Canon M10 and my new efs 18-55mm lens.

I got a uv filter stuck on it. The filter came with a lens hood and when I screwed the lens hood on it pressed against the filter and screwed it pass the point of no return.

So it will forever be a uv lens so I can see it as a reminder not to turn the filter on so tight.

And for the video I used my Sony X3000.

I decided to upload the video to Youtube.

My audio had a lot of static so I changed it to some background music I found on free music archive.

I used Waves by Makaih Beats, Thereafter by A. A. Aalto, Space Love Attack by UltraCat, and Dolores by A. A. Aalto